Whitefish Marketing

We are an experienced digital marketing agency, based in Kent, interested in marketing concepts that work. Our team are enthusiastic and dedicated, and moulded as "marketers" first.

At Whitefish Marketing we look to the forefront of all new services and new techniques developed in the industry, but only adopt those which yield noteworthy ROIs. Our team constantly keep abreast of the latest marketing news, with a close ear to the ground for changes such as any major Google algorithm updates, movements in Facebook's Edgerank algorithm, and much more. We don't rest on our laurels, we keep on our toes, and our senior marketers are often guest speakers at marketing events and training seminars.

We don't do company politics and we don't like playing mind games. We are here to simply advise you on the tactics we believe are the best methods to ensure growth and return for your business. We also don't pull any punches. We tell things exactly how they are. But we do get results.