Tiny Digital

Tiny Digital is a one-man SEO agency that exists to help you beat the competition and grow your business with guaranteed search engine rankings. This is achieved through transparent SEO tailored to your requirements and delivered face-to-face. My mission with Tiny Digital is to double one thousand local businesses through white hat SEO over the next five years.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, every client gets my personal attention on their project. I always aim to make clients feel at ease with the work I am doing through providing complete transparency and sharing information. SEO is an investment in a sustainable marketing strategy and it’s important for business owners to know who is working on their business, what they are doing and what effect it’s having.

Because of this, I have to set strict guidelines for selecting clients to work with as I can only work with so many. I always work with people I want to work with, people whose online presence will benefit from my help and people who are in a position to make the most of that benefit. Your success is my success and vice versa. I see myself as more of a marketing partner than anything else.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m constantly striving to create a business that’s focused on growth. The more I grow Tiny Digital, the better able I am to help my clients. A strong business with reliable cash flow means I’m better able to re-invest in on-going training and consistently serve clients at the top of my profession and help keep them at the top of theirs.