Southern Advertising & Marketing

Clients are the focus of Southern Advertising's work and everything we do is geared to helping them make the most of their marketing budgets. We believe in offering complete customer support. We won't only produce fantastic, cost-effective advertising and marketing campaigns. At Southern Advertising, we provide friendly advice, helpful direction and a sounding board for your ideas as well as plenty of our own, all as part of the service at no extra charge.

Your advertising attracts the customers by which your business flourishes and prospers. So we ensure it does its job to the maximum; targeted at the right people, carrying the right messages, enhancing your image and always to deadline and to budget.

Our experience, our conceptualisation, copywriting and design skills, and above all the know-how that sees projects progress smoothly from beginning to end is what our clients buy into. And our clients tell us that their sales more than reflect our endeavours.