Not just surviving, but thriving. We're totally independent and maintain all our skillsets in-house, unlike many design/marketing agencies that outsource. From day one we've delivered good old fashioned, beautifully crafted marketing literature, attention grabbing websites, and engaging video and motion graphics. All on time and within budget! We don't like to boast but our churn rate - the rate at which we have to find replacement customers is incredibly low. Maybe that's because we believe in design and marketing that builds on something - not just one hit wonders - but a longer term plan, testing, developing ideas and seeing them through.

It's worked well for both us and our customers. Our websites for example - we've never used an 'off the shelf' package. Every single site has, and always will be designed and built exactly to our customers' needs. That way when things change - as they inevitably do, we can easily make the website change too.