About the Business

Impact Marketing are a data bureau and direct marketing company based in Essex. Our team have in excess of 40 years of combined experience with the data and marketing industries.

Impact Marketing own and manage several exclusive, highly targeted business and consumer databases offering unparalleled success across multiple channels, both direct and integrated. We have also developed a number of highly specialised databases, designed to give our customers an unrivalled edge within their industry.

Our databases can be utilized across a range of media such as SMS, e-mail data, direct mail, telemarketing etc. add in Impact Marketing’s in-house; Direct Mailing, call centre and email services and we are able to offer a complete, bespoke solution across several channels that will work to maximise your return on investment.

The data we own is UK wide, so if your campaign is going to be local, regional or national, our team can identify and select the correct list within your desired geographic area.
Business Services

Social Media Marketing

In recent years, the growth of social media has been nothing short of astonishing. Millions of UK residents are registered on some social media platform or another. This has paved the way to a newer form of direct marketing: social media marketing.
Promoting your business through social media is one of the most effective marketing channels available today. With over 30 million active users in the UK alone, putting your message across on these platforms is a key way of increasing brand awareness and sales. This can be done through promoted adverts or running a page for your company which regularly posts content. Equally this platform works even better in a cross-channel environment targeting your typical audience across multiple engagement platform, thus maximising your reach, exposure and ultimately creating a better chance to achieve the end goal.
At Impact Marketing, we have recognised the growth and importance of social media and the effect it has on business. The growth and popularity of social media means it will be around fora long time. It has made communication and connecting with individuals and businesses easier than ever before. Not being on social media will potentially mean you could lose business to your competition.
SMS Marketing

Smartphone use is on the rise every year. This has presented companies with new challenges and opportunities alike to reach their target market through a number of newer marketing methods. This includes social media marketing and SMS marketing.
When your phone lights up with a new message or notification, you are drawn to it. Regardless of the message, it is natural to check what has come in and respond accordingly. Therefore, SMS marketing deployed in the right manner by ensuring your message is appropriately rendered will result in much higher response rates than other marketing channels. A well presented, professional SMS message promotes your business efficiently on a platform that is becoming increasingly favoured.
Survey Services

Before you sell your products/services, it is vital that you understand your target market. A survey is a great way to find more information about your customer’s preferences, opinions, spending habits among many others.

Impact Marketing have an in-house telemarketing team with years of experience who have been undertaking an array of surveys across multiple sectors and platforms. Our skills and experience mean that we ask the correct questions and get the correct answers giving you key insight into your market. This will help you when it comes to selling your products or positioning your brand based on factual and current trends within your market.

Survey Services we provide include:
Market Research
Data Building
Product Surveys
Customer Preferences
Product Evaluation
And many more
Lead Generation

At Impact Marketing, our in-house telemarketing team have years of experience in lead generation campaigns. Therefore, we are confident we can provide a high quality telemarketing service for your business.
Why undertake a lead generation campaign?
Lead generation allows your business to increase its brand awareness among your target market. Our specialist service promotes the benefits your company provides, creating more leads/enquiries for you to turn into sales.
There are two types of qualified leads we are able to provide:
Marketing Qualified Leads. This is where we make a business/consumer aware of the products or services you provide through our call centre. The contact states that they are willing to learn more so we pass their details over to you for you to contact at a later date. Buyers nowadays seek information about a company before deciding on whether or not to buy from them.

Sales Qualified Leads. These are where we have identified ideal businesses/consumers that have a potential need for your product/service. These are based on specific qualifying criteria that you provide that we are able to establish through our telemarketing services.
Appointment Setting

Impact Marketing have been providing high quality appointment setting services for over 19 years. Our team combined with our high quality in-house data have successfully managed many campaigns, across a variety of industries.
Buyers nowadays need to move further along the buying process before they are willing to talk/meet a sales representative. Our appointment setting campaigns help build a pipeline of sales for your company. We introduce your company, promote the benefits of your products/services while demonstrating how it meets their needs. They are then more willing to book an appointment increasing the chance of a sale.
Why undertake an appointment setting campaign?
Appointment setting provides you with the opportunity to increase your sales by putting you directly in front of your target market. Through our specialist call centre, we target and pitch businesses/consumers and create interest. Those who are keen to learn more agree to a time and day for you to meet them. This allows you and your sales team to spend more time selling to your target market while spending less time in the office.
Our team works with your schedule and arrange appointments for days and times that suit you. This therefore ensures we do not interfere with your everyday business activities. Appointments can either be face to face or over the telephone. We always work to your preference.
Email Marketing

At Impact Marketing we have been running a successful email marketing service for over 15 years. As data owners, we use ours in house email data consisting of targeted individuals and businesses. All records are fully opted-in and cleansed regularly, resulting in successful campaigns.

This is a cost-effective method of increasing traffic to your website, which naturally leads to more enquiries and therefore more sales.

With over 1 million business records and over 4 million consumer records, Impact Marketing are able to drill down to your ideal audience. We also have a number of specialist databases that have an exceptional level of detail attached to each record, we help our customers achieve an excellent success rate for their campaign.

Data Cleansing Services

Data is a valuable resource for any company, being a key factor in communication with customers and prospective clients. However, it decays quickly as an individual’s contact details and personal circumstances change. Data lists can, therefore, lose their value in a short space of time. Data cleansing is, therefore, a key service that Impact Marketing specialises in.

An inaccurate/out-dated database can cost companies substantial amounts of money. This is a result of the cost of mailing incorrect records and the resulting lack of business. It is therefore imperative that the data list you hold is up to date.

As a leading data bureau, our team ensures that your databases are the valuable resources they should be. Our in-house data coupled with bespoke applications and unparalleled knowledge in data interrogation enables us to provide our clients with a range of benefits. Whether you hold a business, consumer or an email data list, our data cleansing service ensures that it is up to date and bringing value.

Business Telemarketing Data

As a data owner and full-service data bureau, Impact Marketing have a unique perspective on business telemarketing data. As such we understand the importance of accurate and up to date prospect records.

With over 19 years in the business, we have developed our business telemarketing data with our clients in mind.

Impact Marketing guarantees every record licenced. This is the highest level of guarantee within the industry.

Each and every record is GDPR compliant and will ensure you stay on the right side of the law for each and every campaign.

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