How on earth did I get into SEO and internet marketing? Well, like most things that are important in life, it was pure accident. Up until 2014 I taught in Primary School, crawling around under tables on ”Bear Hunts’ and getting covered in paint, glue and other messy substances… sounds amazing, so why leave? It’s been said before but I wanted to have my own company, to push myself and get that buzz from doing something new.

Me and my husband David set up a small home business in our spare time a few years ago. It was brilliant but we had one tiny problem – no one knew we existed! That is how I stumbled upon this rare and often mysterious world of SEO. Never had it even occurred to me that there was a process behind who ranked in the search engines and where. I got hooked straight away.

The process involved in getting a website or business showing up on line then moving up to the top of page 1 was like a giant problem solving exercise. Every different website or company was unique and needed it’s own approach. Then there was the ever changing nature of what works for the search engines and why. It was exactly like teaching… finding out what the child’s individual needs were and planning how to teach exactly what they needed in the way they learnt best, except without the noise!

This is perfect for me and I hope you can tell how passionate I am about it. Many find SEO boring, complicated or hard to understand, let me work with you and show you a different side to it – one that gets results.