Clever Devil

Clever Devil is a full service digital marketing agency. We are primarily based in London, but we have a presence in Australia, USA and India through our outsource partners. Sam is a joint Director with Eliza Power, and brings over six years experience in the digital marketing world to the table. Sam has run businesses from confectionary companies to a guitar importing business and a few things in between. Sam's main strength is business analysis, which he has done for major financial institutions and utility companies in Australia for the last four years.

Eliza has over five years experience with a Big Four accounting firm and brings this experience to the table. Eliza handles all financial aspects of the Clever Devil business. Jay Mehta has been working in Online Marketing and Branding since 2005. He did his Masters in Marketing from NJIT University in 2008 where he specialized in attitude-behaviour relationship management and was first exposed to marketing and branding theories.