Beattie Communications (Glasgow Office)

The answer is simple, we wanted a brand name that was short, snappy and summed up exactly what we do. We wanted a name that identified us as the leading PR and marketing authority in the industry sectors in which we operate. When we focused on the word Only, phrases like Only The Best and The Only One were milling around in our heads. O stands for a one-stop marketing shop. There is no need to have different suppliers for advertising, media buying, direct mail, web marketing or PR. Only brings these and all marketing disciplines together under the one roof.

N stands for network - we have eight offices in the UK and partners in 40 countries around the globe. It means we are on your doorstep wherever you are marketing your products and services around the world. L stands for lateral thinking. We come from the standpoint - just because something has always been done one way, it doesn't mean it can't be done better another way. We always think laterally to find the best way.