Hello, I am a graphic designer and marketing creative based in Guildford, Surrey. Having had several years experience working in studio / agency type environments, I now work on a freelance basis helping people to communicate their ideas, products and services. Looking to find out how you can make your fabulous product or service noticed? You have a business that is so irresistible, BUT you're struggling with your marketing. I'm here to help. You are brilliant at what you do, as a service provider, business owner, a consultant, a healer, a coach, a retailer, but marketing can be tough, I get it.

You may not be the innovators, or have a product that is any different from your competitors - but you can have something they do not have - consumers to believe in your company. I'm going to make you change the way you look at your business and your marketing. Ally Leggett is a designer who has worked in the Middle East and America for the likes of top brass Agencies like DDB Needham Worldwide.