Today, you and other finance staff are under pressure to close the books faster with higher quality, a better overview, total control and full compliance. And to do it with less staff. Your team tend to be overwhelmed with transactional issues and canĀ“t find enough time to be involved in analytical and strategic issues that truly help the business forward.

You know that your employees are knowledge workers that have high demands on job satisfaction and you are challenged to keep your staff happy because of the workload. High staff turnover is not uncommon.

For closing the books or for executing all task lists, you, like most organisations, unfortunately revert to Excel as a tool of choice. You know heavy spreadsheets and manual routines results in drawbacks such as inconsistent updates, no secure segregation of duties, unsatisfying internal controls and inefficiency. It also makes it difficult for you to enforce a common way of working across the whole organization and all subsidiaries, or offices. Your processes are not as tight as you want them to be.