Aardvark Marketing Consultants

Aardvark Marketing Consultants was established to help small and medium-size businesses in the West Midlands get better results from their marketing activities. We do this by adapting the tried and tested tools of "big business marketing" to the small and medium-size business environment. We have a genuine interest in finding out about other people's businesses and how to make them work better. And, as Aardvarks are good swimmers, we're not content to stand on the sidelines and shout directions. We jump right in to help you do it.

Companies who have benefited from Aardvark's advice range from start-up ventures to international companies with multi-million pound turnovers. Industries we've worked with include construction, healthcare, automotive, retail, art, IT, financial services, print, property and not for profit. We have recently been approved as Growth Voucher advisers - if you have a Growth Voucher for marketing and would like to talk to us, please call or send us an email.